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Update:  June 2020

It’s been awhile since we’ve given an update on the brick project so I would like to take a moment to bring everyone up to speed on where we are and how we got here. To recap, when we originally started the project it was Fire and Iron Station 28’s goal to stir enough interest and raise enough money to complete the site, however we were only given permission to place the bricks in the current pathway that leads to the center flag pole location. Our position was we’ll take it because we believed it would be a jumping point to get others involved. 

There have been a lot of changes since that first meeting in 2014 but rest assured that Station 28 has always been there to poke the bear and keep this project moving and trust me when I tell you it has been a long and exhausting process. The original Chief who gave us permission is gone, the next interim chief is now gone, the following interim chief is not in that position and now there is a fourth Chief in place who I might add is very much in favor of the project and established a Charleston Fire Department Committee (of which I am a member) to oversee and move the project toward completion. Additionally the City of Charleston had a Mayoral change and along with that some cabinet members and department head changes. The reason I share this is, after each of the changes in personnel Station 28 had to go back in and explain what we were doing so any progress made had to be reestablished. 

Since the project started there has been another significant change. The City purchased the property adjacent to the right side of the memorial and is building new Station 11 to replace the existing station about a mile away. The new Mayor asked us to hold off on the ten year anniversary (2017) plan to install the bricks on the walkway and pitched the idea of a completed site. While somewhat deflating because of the plan we had, it was a ray of light toward a complete and fitting memorial for the Charleston Nine which was our original goal. The Mayors concern was that the new station brick color (different from ours) and design next to the memorial would make the memorial look like an afterthought and he wanted both projects to be well planned. While excited about the future of the memorial it inserted another delay. The station has to be finished first before any work can start on the memorial because the properties touch each other. New station 11 is supposed to be finished in 2020. 

The new memorial design of which I cannot share at this time will be much more than we originally bargained before. The Charleston Fire Department committee has put great effort in redesigning the site with rough drawings and concepts that will make visiting the memorial an experience you’ll feel. I am very excited and hopeful of the new design. The rough drawing has been well received by the City Parks Department which will oversee the project and our drawing has been submitted for an engineered drawing. The memorial bricks will match the station brick color and there are nine tall windows of the apparatus stall that look out over the memorial site so both properties will complement each other.

I apologize for the lack of updates and communication but as you can see only recently (last quarter of 2019) has there been any significant progress. I could have given a short update but wanted everyone to know why it’s been such a long and exhaustive process. Rest assured the Mayor has stated that our brick project is very much a part of the new memorial and is incorporated in the drawings submitted to engineering. Station 28, The Charleston Fire Department Committee, and The City of Charleston Parks Department are committed to building a memorial deserving of Nine Firefighters who gave it all. When the drawings are approved for release I will send them so you can see the project you’ve supported. When construction starts and a completion date is given I will share the information to all of you.


Thank you for being supportive, patient, and hopefully understanding.

Jack deTournillon

Station 28 Vice President

Charleston Fire Department 

Battalion Chief

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