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May 2017 Press Release from Fire and Iron MC 28

     In late 2015, Fire & Iron MC Station 28 decided to embark on a service project to honor and remember the nine Charleston firefighters who perished on June 18. 2007 in the Sofa Super Store Fire.  This project focused on replacing the existing walkway at the site with memorial bricks, like walkways found at other memorial sites around the country.  After meeting with the Charleston Fire Department, brick orders were opened in March 2016.  As of April 2017, members of Station 28 have sold over 320 bricks and raised over $40,000 fro this project.  This is thanks to the large support that Station 28 has received from families and friends of the Charleston 9, firefighters from around the world, as well as social and news media coverage.  The feedback Station 28 has received while traveling to several local, regional, and national fire conferences has been extremely uplifting and positive.

     A recent meeting between Mayor Tecklenburg and members of Station 28 has brought some exciting news.  Mayor Tecklenburg reaffirmed his commitment to finishing a memorial at the sites and shared with us that a master plan is being developed.  While the original plan was to have the bricks laid in time for the ten-year anniversary, we have agreed to defer the project so the memorial bricks can be included in the master plan.  The master plan is due to be rolled out by the ten-year anniversary date.

     Enhancing the memorial is the ultimate goal of this effort.  The knowledge that a masterplan is now in the works and the bricks will be apart of the plan exceeds our expectations.  Quite honestly, we don't believe this would have been possible without your help.  We are extending the deadline and continue to promote the project.  Please help us spread the word and know your support helped move this project from a paved walkway to a completed memorial worthy of honoring our fallen firefighters.  Thank you for supporting the Charleston Nine Memorial.

Matthew Schneider

President, FIMC Station 28

Charleston, SC

We are selling 4x8 bricks with 3 lines and 18 characters per line for $100, 8x8 bricks with 6 lines and 18 characters per line for $150. Additionally we are selling donor bricks and donor certificates.

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